Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Now Available- Proverbs to Live By Paperdolls Series

Proverbs to Live By Paperdolls Series is now completed!

The Proverbs to Live by Paperdolls series is now complete. What a joy it has been to learn from these as we have made them for our own family. It is a delight to see your children grow in grace and understanding of the Lord through His word actively at work in our homes.
We pray these will be as great a delight to you and your family as they have been to ours. And will be of much benefit to both parents and children!
If you would like to purchase the set, you may do so through us by writing to: ericreschly@hotmail.com or through www.currclick.com.
To learn more about the individual titles please see below or Currclick for sample pages.
Retail price is: $22.00 Our price: $15.00
Titles included are:
Proverbs to Live by Paperdolls Book I: Godly Daughter
Proverbs to Live by Paperdolls Book II: Humility
Proverbs to Live by Paperdolls Book III: The Tounge
Proverbs to Live by Paperdolls Book IV: "Listen, my Child"

Proverbs to Live By Paperdolls: Book IV

Proverbs To Live By Paperdolls: Book IV "Listen, My Child"
This Proverbs Paper Dolls booklet is the fourth and final booklet in the series. "Proverbs to Live By" is an aide for parents and daughters to memorize and apply scripture together. While creating these lovely paperdolls you will learn and memorize what the proverbs say about listening and obeying our parents.
In this booklet you will learn about the joys of listening well and obeying our Daddy and Mommy. Also, the sorrows that do come when we do not listen to their instruction and reproof. Keeping in mind always that the Lord, who is your loving heavenly Father has commanded you- in love!- to obey your parents. We pray you will find renewed delight in this obedience as you study the Proverbs with us.
As with booklet three, the paperdolls and clothing are much larger and the verses and questions are printed on a separate page to aide in discussion while working with the dolls.

This ebooklet may be purchased through us or through Currclick.com. Retail Price is: $6.99