Saturday, August 16, 2008

Proverbs to Live By Copywork Booklets now available

These lovely copywork pages are meant to supplement the paperdoll series, but may also stand alone. Each booklet has proverbs to copy (two pages are given for longer proverbs), a glossary page for children to fill in and a completion certificate for both older and younger children. We pray this will be a benefitial tool in teaching and instilling God's word into our children's hearts.
List price: $2.50/ea. Our Price: $2.00
Series of all Four Booklets:
List price: $10.00 Our price: $7.00

Rhyming Alphabet Copywork Booklet now available

The Rhyming Alphabet from the New England Primer has long been a standard in our nation for teaching youth. The rhyming alphabet teaches the ABC’s, both of language and of Scripture. It is a delight to hear our daughters as they meditate on these words and ask, “Daddy, Mommy, What is this about?” Or, “Tell me more about this one!”
This may be used with various age groups at once. Your wee ones can simply do the memory work while older elementary students complete both copy work and memory. Simply cut at the top of the page for simple flash cards for memory work. Your children may also color each picture as they complete their copy and memory work.
We encourage you not only to use these pages for copy work and memory, but as a wonderful tool to encourage your young ones to learn and delight in the Word of God.

List Price:$4.95 Our price: $3.00
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