Thursday, June 5, 2008

100% Whole Wheat Bread Tutorial

Have you wanted to bake with whole wheat, but did not know where to start? Are you an experienced bread baker looking for new recipes? This is a wonderful resource. We have spent years delevoping these recipes which have been tested for nearly a year now in wonderful ladies' homes and families across the nation! Included are our family's own recipes for bread, muffins and pizza- all from 100% whole wheat. There are many instructive and beautiful photos as well. If your family dislikes the idea of whole wheat, please give these recipes a try for them. We have had so many gracious comments by "white bread lovers" who are grateful for tasty whole wheat breads & pizza. There are also additional sections including a section on tips, troubleshooting and our favorite resources.

We are so thankful to those ladies who have helped us through their comments and questions.

To see a preview of the tutorial and the wonderful recipes listed, please see: A Godly Legacy Publishing at

Retail price $12.00 Special Sale for the month of June: $7.99

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